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Ilmoita minulle, kun tuotetta on varastossa

The special irrigation solution for veterinary medicine

The patented ProntoVet® formula of polihexanide and betaine cleans the wound and gently removes biofilm.

ProntoVet® is non irritating and pain-free, very well tolerated by skin and mucous membranes, and acts without restriction in the presence of blood and protein.

Range of Application

  • Irrigation of wounds and wound cavities of all kinds
  • Loosening dried-on dressings painlessly without damaging tissue
  • Moistening dressings
  • Long lasting, moist wound coverage (ProntoVet Gel)


• Sterile
• Colorless
• Ready for use
• Can be used for 8 weeks after opening (at room temperature)
• Practical caps with sealing pin 
• for easy opening
• Gel consistency prevents flow off from the target location

Available in:
30 ml as gel 
350 ml as solution

Practical tip:
ProntoVet® is ideal for wound irrigation at home and belongs in the first-aid kit of every pet owner!