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13 piece extraction set

Tuotekoodi: D4100

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The 13pc complete extraction set includes all the instruments required by the veterinarian to perform both simple and surgical extractions in addition to the 12pc set it includes curved blunt suture scissors and a larger stainless steel instrument cassette. Autoclavable, case dimensions 205 x 165 x 30mm

Set Includes:

  • D1001SH – D1006SH (1-6mm Stubby handle winged elevators)
  • D1011 Periosteal elevator double ended 2/4
  • D1012 Extraction Forceps (updated version)
  • T1000 Needle holders
  • T1200 Tissue forceps
  • T1300 La Grange Scissors, curved and serrated blade
  • T1400 Scalpel blade holder – round handle
  • T1500 Curved blunt suture scissors
  • D1096 Large Stainless steel instrument cassette

Product Manual

13 piece extraction set - Manual