12 Piece iM3 Extraction Set

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The complete extraction set includes all the instruments required by the veterinarian to perform both simple and surgical extractions. Supplied in a high quality stainless steel instrument cassette. Autoclavable, case dimensions 205 x 120 x 30mm

Set Includes:

  • D1001SH – D1006SH (1-6mm Stubby handle winged elevators)
  • D1011 Periosteal elevator double ended 2/4
  • D1012 Extraction Forceps
  • T1000 Needle holders
  • T1200 Tissue forceps
  • T1300 La Grange Scissors, curved and serrated blade
  • T1400 Scalpel blade holder – round handle
  • D1043 Stainless steel instrument cassette

Product Manual

12 Piece iM3 Extraction Set - Manual

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