HEINE Operating Otoscope Kit

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HEINE Operating Otsocope Kit

The greatest flexibility and most options for instrumentation

An all-round otoscope for instrumentation under magnification. Both the lens and speculum can be swivelled. For use with reusable specula and UniSpec disposable specula. With tip-adaptor (B-000.11.306) it is also possible to use AllSpec disposable tips.


  • Operating Otoscope Kit 3.5V - BETA4 NT Rechargeable Handle + NT4 Table Charger

Open construction. Ideal for instrumentation.

XHL Xenon Halogen Technology. Extremely bright, white light.

Swivelling lens and speculum. Clears the way for access and examination under magnification and illumination.

2.5 x lens in protective frame. Prevents scratching.

The relative positions of light bulb and speculum can be fixed. Helps with instrumentation, easily returned to normal position.

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