Hemablock Hemostatic Powder Applicator 5 pcs

96,12€ (ALV 0%)

The HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder Applicator now comes in a pre-filled sterile syringe-style applicator making it easier for you and your staff to quickly & safely stop bleeding of any type.

The modified 1cc syringe is ideal for dental and topical applications and perfect for biopsy sites and difficult to reach surgical bleeding sites. One sterile syringe is effective for 3-5 dental extraction sites or 2-3 punch biopsy sites.

Using pre-filled syringe applicators allows you to save surgical time, money, and recovery time for your patients.
When you know exactly what you want where you want it–HemaBlock Pre-Filled Syringe Applicators are what the procedure calls for.

Save time and stress – Focus on the hundreds of other things you need to do today, let HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder handle the bleeding.
Everything stops bleeding eventually, but why not right now?

HemaBlock – Tested on humans, now ready for veterinary medicine!

  • Proven clotting power of MPB & OC
  • Covers a wound area of 6 cm2
  • 3 year shelf life
  • Sterile 1cc modified syringe
  • Any excess works great on non-sterile procedures like dental extractions
  • Minimum order quantity of only one unit

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