Hemablock Hemostatic Powder Tube 1 pcs

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HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder stops bleeding fast. Put the powder on and apply pressure, it’s that easy.

This application of HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder comes in a 10cm tube (~3cm diameter). Has a tamper-evident seal and desiccant cap to maintain sterility and prevent buildup of moisture. Inside is a foil sachet that contains the powder.

A safe hemostatic powder that is cost-effective enough to be able to use it everyday situations where bleeding is a problem.
Perfect for large wound areas or for making your own syringes.

Save time and stress – Focus on the hundreds of other things you need to do today, let HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder handle the bleeding.
Everything stops bleeding eventually, but why not right now?

HemaBlock – Tested on humans, now ready for veterinary medicine!

  • Proven clotting power of MPB & OC
  • Covers a wound area of 30 cm2
  • 3 year shelf life
  • Sterile 2-gram sachet
  • Any excess works great on non-sterile procedures like dental extractions
  • Minimum order quantity of only one unit

Powder + Pressure = Hemostasis

We designed HemaBlock so it is easy to use. Remember, HemaBlock is safe for everyday surgical and topical applications. It can be used almost anywhere. Use it for an enucleation, but not in the eye itself.

Excess Powder

Secondary resterilization of HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder in a clinic environment is not recommended. The packaging is radiation-sterilized. Upon opening, the first application is validated for sterile application. Our outer tube contains a desiccant in the cap to keep the contents dry and efficacious for secondary non-sterile uses. High-humidity deactivates the powder.

So what do you do with the excess powder?

Any non-sterile application. Use it for dental or topical procedures; even nail trims!

In fact, it is highly recommended to use remaining excess in place of more harmful products, like silver nitrate. HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder won’t sting, stain, and it’s entirely non-toxic. If you want to go the customer service route, you can even give your clientele the remaining powder for home use. It’s a nice gift, and you don’t have to worry about children or animals getting into it. Being plant-based and non-toxic, you can eat the powder, if you wish. It won’t taste great, and make sure to wash it down with a glass of water.

If you don’t want to use it for nail trims, keep it around for dentals or other topical trauma. Pre-Filled Applicators are already loaded and ready to use.

Make your own syringes

  1. Cut the tip off the preferred size of a soft poly syringe (we recommend 1cc)
  2. Insert the modified syringe into the foil sachet and pinch foil to seal against
  3. Shake powder into the syringe
  4. Hold gloved finger over filled syringe end and compress the plunger and you are ready to use!

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