iM3 Airgid Equine 20x20mm (20pcs)

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iM3 Airgid - Large
20 pieces of 20 x 20 x 20 mm Haemostatic Gelatin Collagen Sponges with Silver

Airgid is a gelatin sponge containing colloidal silver that can be used to prevent wound infection and post-extraction bleeding. Unlike pure gelatin sponges, the presence of silver helps to provide antibacterial activity during the entire absorption time.

  • Prompt surgical haemostasis
  • Coagulum support
  • Broad antibacterial effect
  • Complete resorption      

Prompt achievement and maintenance of surgical haemostasis is essential for successful wound healing. Normal healing is initiated by the formation of a coagulum that closes the wound. If the coagulum is not formed or if it is destroyed or lost, healing is disturbed.
Using Airgid promotes the formation of and reduces the risk to the blood coagulum so that productive healing can begin.

Airgid works to prevent wound infection as well as control primary, reactionary and secondary post-extraction bleeding.
When applied, an Airgid sponge can absorb more than its own weight in blood, reducing the ‘dead space’ of the wound and stabilising the blood coagulum. This is the first step in gaining haemostasis. Primary haemorrhage is arrested as the Airgid fits snuggly into the cavity.
Reactionary haemorrhage is deterred as the close-fitting Airgid prevents gaps and secondary cavities from forming when the blood coagulum contracts.
Argid helps to prevent secondary haemorrhage which is usually caused by infection and can occur up to fourteen days post-surgery. The silver ions of the colloidal silver, which is bound to the gelatin sponge, are activated and as they are highly responsive to the moist environment, they readily reduce the presence of bacteria at the site. As the sponge is resorbed, the silver continues to be released extending the antibacterial effect, preventing infection and further promoting healing. Local delivery of the silver directly at the intended site of action means less systemic circulation and reduced risk of systemic side-effects. 

Once the tooth has been extracted and the site has filled with blood, dry Airgid is applied into the wound. Airgid can be cut to size to fit snuggly but should not be compressed.
The sponge will fill with blood and at once works to encourage the formation of blood coagulum and stop bleeding. There is no need for further irrigation as the placement of Airgid stands as treatment of the alveolus. If required, the wound can now be sutured with Airgid in place.

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