Kentamed hARTT-400 Elektrotomi

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APPLICATION: Any surgical procedure including monopolar and bipolar laparoscopic applications and applications in wet environment.

USE: From offices to operating rooms


* The KENTAMED hARTT 400 unit is based on a proprietary technology that guarantees hardware Adjusted Response to Tissue Type.

* Flawless cutting with various instruments in saline. A great choice for laparoscopic procedures.

* Microprocessor controlled

* 6 operating modes:

- CUT and BLEND offer reliable performance through various types of tissue.

- Two COAG modes with opposing characteristics: COAG provides deep non-carbonizing coagulation whereas FORCED is superficial and sparking. With special electrodes FORCED can mimic the behavior of electrosurgical spray.

- In the bipolar section the model offers immaculate bipolar coagulation capable of vessel sealing as well as bipolar cutting.

* Settings of each mode are stored independently and kept even when the unit is switched off.

* Timer can be used in each mode to secure reproducibility of certain procedures.

* Output power failure detection system

* 3 year warranty

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