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The UPETS Paw is designed for paw injuries, such as toe fractures, pad wounds, and wounds between toes.
UPETS Paw has a spoon rocker splint designed to protect and support the paw while allowing the normal movement of the wrist joints. The splint keeps the paw immobilized and the toes and pads from spreading. Skin, ligaments, and stitches are not stretched, even when normal pressure is applied to the paw.
Unlike traditional paw injury treatment options, UPETS Paw allows normal gait and joint mobility during treatment. The crisscross Unitex fabric pattern allows veterinarians to secure the splint high without having to immobilize the carpal and tarsal joints.


The package contains a splint and a pre-shaped Unitex wrap. Use the thoracic limb size guide to determine the correct size.

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