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VASOVET PUR G24X19 MM, keltainen

Tuotekoodi: 4269075

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  • Veterinary Bevel – The unique and extremely sharp bevel guarantees variable puncture angles (10°-45°). Therefore, VasoVet® perfectly adapts to the various situations in veterinary medicine.
  • Polyurethane – The catheter material is characterized by its kink resistancy, thermoplasticity and excellent biocompatibility. Thus, Polyurethane prolongs the catheter indwelling time.
  • Radiopaque stripes – Four radiopaque stripes provide good X-ray visibility.
  • Injection port – The B.Braun injection port ensures hygienic needle free IV injections. It is particularly suitable for intravenous anaesthesia.
  • Transparent flashback chamber
  • Removable Flash Plug and removable Closing Cone
  • Lock-connection
  • Sizes color-coded