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ADEQID Mikrosiru FDXB 1,4 x 8 mm 20 kpl

Tuotekoodi: ADEQID8

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Equally as powerful as the standard 12 mm microchip, but 30% smaller in size. The 8 mm microchips are delivered in a sterile single-use ADEQID® custom-designed syringe connected to an extremely sharp, medical grade 15 gauge needle.

The orange needle and orange syringe plunger easily distinguish the 8 mm microchip from the 12 mm microchip. 8 mm microchips are encoded with a unique 15-digit microchip number.

This FDXB microchip operates in 134,2 kHz frequency. These mini 8 mm microchips are delivered in boxes of 20 pieces with 6 barcode peel-and-stick labels for easy data management.