MELAdem 40 vedenkäsittely-yksikkö

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Small water treatment unit for the supply of a steam sterilizer.

MELA dem 40 can be connected to all autoclaves of the Premium-Plus-Class, the Pro-Class, the S-Class and MELA quick 12+ and automatically supplies them with demineralized water. The dual chamber system enables a maximum of cartridge yield. MELA dem 40 can be installed in a sub-cabinet, on the wall, or directly at an autoclave.

Connection set MELAdem 40 to all Euroklav (item no.09031) needs to be order separately. 

  • Principle: Ion exchanger
  • Capacity: at 10°dH 210 l
  • Max. through-flow: 120 L/h
  • Size: (WxHxD) 39 cm x 47 cm x 15 cm


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