Male Dog&Cat Body Suit | eri kokoja

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Material and Sizes:

  • Very Elastic, stretches in all directions for a comfortable fit
  • Wash and wear material: easy to clean, just hang to dry
  • Can be trimmed to custom size or shape and not fray or run
  • Wide range off sizes (6) to fit all small animals
Some applications:
  • Surgical sites – Chest drains – Aural hematomas – PEG tubes
  • Open wounds – Additional protection over bandaged wounds
  • Can actually hold telfa pads tightly in place through use of simple snaps
  • Provides cosmetic benefits over unsightly wounds/injuries
  • Clients love them and so do the patients!
Leg and extremity protection:
  • The special elastic tube-shaped material can cover leg or head wounds
  • They attach to the body suit by light-weight simple snaps
  • Head protection: trim in eyes and ears and/or trim to length desired
  • Cone shaped product is designed for rear leg

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