HP-60C Infuusiopumppu

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Close system for dedicated IV sets
Infusion accuracy ±3%

One step IV set installation

Patented single-step IV set loading method.
Automatically identifies the tube status.
Make infusion tube installation safe and convenient.

Anti-bolus system

Bolus after occlusion release was reduced significantly.
At 0.2ml maximum, the safest option for your patient.

Peristaltic system

Automatic adjustment for each IV set.
Innovative infusion method, ensuring the accuracy and safety of infusion.
Different therapies can be applied in one pump.

HP-60 Series Infusion Pump

When working with Medcaptain brand silicon IV set, the accuracy of HP-60 can be less than 3%.

The lifetime of IV set can reach 96 hours under high infusion rate.

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