Kentamed ACTIS-400

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APPLICATION: Any surgical procedure including open surgeries, monopolar and bipolar laparoscopic applications, TURP, arthroscopy as well as other applications in wet environment.

USE: Operating rooms.

DESCRIPTION: KENTAMED ACTIS-400 can generate enough power to be used in any
major surgery. This unit is also suitable for TURP and laparoscopic surgery. The powerful
and soft monopolar coagulation (COAG) is very efficient for long-term prevention of recurrent bleeding in gynecological surgery and other procedures where deep, non-carbonizingcoagulation is required. The unit can perform bipolar cutting (BiCUT) which has been found useful in proctology, gynecology and general surgery.

  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Robust self-testing and error handling algorithms
  • 6 monopolar operating modes:
    • CUT, BLEND1 and BLEND2 offer reliable cutting through various types of tissue with a different degree of coagulation.
    • There are three different monopolar coagulation modes: COAG for deep noncarbonizing coagulation, FORCED for superficial carbonizing coagulation and SPRAY for typical spray applications.
  • Three bipolar applications, each of which pre-sets both bipolar cutting and bipolar coagulation: IN SALINE for bipolar cutting and coagulation with resectoscopes and arthroscopes, STANDARD for bipolar applications in open surgeries and LAPARO for laparoscopic surgeries.
  • Settings of each mode are stored independently and kept even when the unit is switched off
  • The settings of the entire interface of the unit can be stored in 9 different programs
  • Output power failure detection system
  • 3 year warranty.

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