Medcaptain Infusion Work Station MP-80

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Plug-in and modular design: 2 to 15 pumps can be combined as required

Plug & play design: A single pump can be removed or plugged without any tool in 3 seconds, facilitating patient transportation.

Plug-in and modular design

Automatic synchronization of system parameters after one click

Synchronous alarm: When a pump reports an alarm, the SCU at the top of the workstation synchronously reports an alarm with more obvious signal for instructing doctors or nurses to handle the problem in time.

Smart bi-directional power supply system: Delicate internal circuit design, allowing quick response to sudden power failures.

Only one power cable is required for charging and powering all pumps in the infusion workstation.

An infusion tube management clamp is provided for ordered management of various infusion tubes and extension tubes, saving space and avoiding safety risks.

Internal WIFI module enables the pump to connect to MP-900 directly for centralized monitoring of infusion.

Or connect to CIS or HIS system to integrate clinical data.

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