• MiniTemp
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  • MiniTemp
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iyo6_NS3bx0&feature=emb_logo
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Anturi W0001B sisältyy hintaan (Adult Reusable Oesophageal/Rectal Probe).

A ROBUST hand-held temperature monitor designed specifically for the Veterinary market. This simple to use monitor is compatible with the industry standard 400 series of temperature sensors.

Vetronic Services also manufacture a range of miniature sensors for the MiniTemp so the unit can be used with all species ranging from mice to elephants.

Key Features of the MiniTemp 

  •  Clear LCD screen for easy viewing
  •  Red/green flashing LED indicates comfort zone
  •  Can be used on all species from mice to elephants
  •  Compatible with industry standard YSI 400 series temperature sensors
  •  Housed in a rubber protective boot to withstand drops and knocks
  •  Long battery life: 200 hours run time/six months standby
  •  Can be configured for use with Vetronic standard temperature sensors or with the Vetronic range of mini sensors
  •  Can be used with the Vetronic Oesophageal Temperature Sensors in cats, dogs and horses

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