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Reinforced Endotracheal Tubes with Malleable Stylet

Tuotekoodi: ETC25R

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  • Reinforced with embedded wire coils to provide safe, NON-KINKING airway regardless of patient position.
  • Constructed of medical grade, non-toxic PVC material allowing for thinner walls.
  • Malleable stylet included for increased rigidity and variable shape.
  • Latex free.
  • High volume, low pressure cuff.
  • Radiopaque.
  • Fully transparent.
  • Atraumatic bevel tip with lateral Murphy eye.
  • 15mm connector included.


  • Do not place reinforced endotracheal tube near laser beams and electrosurgical instruments where electrode is present.  Contact with laser beam or electrode may cause the device to burn.
  • MRI while intubated is prohibited.
  • CT while intubated is not recommended; as the CT procedure may complicate or impede intubation/airway management.