Sureklot haavageeli 50 g | 1 tai 12 kpl

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Maintain perfect environment for wound healing

Rapid action wound gel

  • Chronic wounds like Diabetic foot ulcers, Pressure ulcers & Venous ulcers.
  • Cavity wound & Necrotic wounds.
  • Cuts & Scratches, and Traumatic wounds
  • Superficial & Partial – thickness burns
  • Autolytic debridement.
  • Donor sites & Graft sites


1. Before the application of the SureKlot WoundGel, rince or clean the wound
and the surrounding area with a suitable / cleansing solution (preferably use SureKlot Spray).

2. Apply an adequate quantity of the SureKlot WoundGel™ to evenly coat the
wound bed (5mm thick).


  • Protonated chitosan-based hydrogel Technology.
  • Gently re-hydrates wound necrotic tissue.
  • Facilitate autolytic debridement.
  • Provides the optimal moist environment during the later stages of wound healing
  • Prevent the entry of microbes into the wound by providing a microbial barrier.
  • Provides soothing effect.

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