Surgical X-base table with two drain outlets 4 wheels with lock mechanism 1400x530 electric column

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Vetinox SAS


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Veterinary surgery table with power central column for dogs, cats and small animals. The table is made entirely of stainless steel, giving it excellent hygienic and durability qualities, which are indispensable in the operating environment.

The electric central column is equipped with a height adjustment system, a simple foot control, and manual Tredelenburg positioning, allowing privileged access to the operating field.

The table has a table top with two drains. Two restraint rails on each side allow the animal to be held strategically during the procedure while guaranteeing its complete safety.

Take advantage of its convenient X-shaped base for a comfortable seated work position close to the patient. 4 sturdy wheels allow you to move the table effortlessly when needed. Their lock mechanism make sure the table remains firmly in place


Veterinary surgery table with manual tilting, on electric central column.

Characteristics of the veterinary table :

  • Size of the table in low position: 140 x 53 x 70 cm
  • Table size in high position: 140 x 53 x 100 cm
  • Table top size: 140 x 53 cm
  • Variable height from 70 cm to 100 cm
  • Tray two evacuations
  • Anodised aluminium power centre column
  • Height control pedal
  • Manual Trendelenburg & Trendelenburg Release
  • Degree of inclination: 60° left / 45° right
  • Stainless steel structure 304 L
  • Restraint rails on each side of the tray
  • Base with adjustable stability glides
  • Electrical system to CE standards
  • Stainless steel structure guaranteed for 5 years
  • Electrical parts guaranteed for 2 years
  • The table is also available with draining trays

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