V-top ELITE surgical table 1400x530 with 4 retractable wheels and I.V. holder

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The ELITE electric surgical table is the ultimate tool for advanced surgical practice. Made in France, this table offers optimum ergonomics. It's ultra-quiet structure allows extremely precise settings in all directions (height, Trendelenburg, anti-Trendelenburg, lateral) for perfect adjustment and optimal access included for new surgeries. The V-top provides optimum support, and each side can be set and fixed manually. This model also includes an IV holder and 4 retractable wheels to move the table effortlessly.

  • Advanced surgical practice
  • Quiet stainless-steel structure for a soothing working environment
  • Precise and reliable electrical adjustments in all directions
  • V-top for optimum patient support
  • 4 retractable wheels for easy movement
  • IV-holder included
  • Manual V-top adjustment
  • Height adjustable electrically
  • Take out the wheels to move the table easily
  • Electrical Trendelenburg/anti-Trendelenburg setting
  • Electric lateral setting
  • 2 drain outlets
  • Made in France


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