• Vcheck cCortisol
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  • Vcheck cCortisol
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Vcheck cCortisol

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The Vcheck cCortisol is an in vitro diagnostic test kit for the quantitative measurement of cortisol concentration in canine serum. Cortisol is one of steroid hormone in a glucocorticoid hormone group that are important in the regulation of metabolism. Cortisol is excreted in the adrenal glands in response to stress or low blood sugar concentrations. The Vcheck cCortisol can be used to assist in the monitoring of cortisol related diseases. The Vcheck cCortisol is designed to be used only by veterinarians.

  • 10 test in the package
  • For dogs
  • Sample material: Serum 50μl
  • Measuring range: 27 ~ 830 nmol/L
  • Analysis time: 20 min

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