Thermocult Incubator

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Tarjotin Thermocult Incubatoriin
Tarjotin Thermocult Incubatoriin

Vanha koodi: 732590

The ideal small incubator for all incubation processes.

  • Fixed temperature 35 ± 2 °C, adjustable up to approx. 42 °C
  • The interior offers space for up to 20 culture media or 8 Petri dishes
  • Integrated digital control thermometer that is easy to read from the outside
  • Can be placed and hung vertically and horizontally
  • Special coating on the front protects against scratches, fingerprints, etc.
  • Shelf made of powder-coated perforated sheet optionally available
  • External dimensions (in cm): 30 x 17 x 15
  • Internal dimensions (in cm): 21 x 14.5 x 11
  • Weight about 1.3kg

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