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Centesis Adapter - Automatic 3-Way

Tuotekoodi: 175440

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  • COLLECTION BAG - 1000ml, 15 inch drain line with luer lock, anti-reflux valve and fluid release valve.
  • Unique valve allows aspiration and evacuation, without disconnecting the syringe and without turning a stopcock.  SAVES TIME and AVOIDS MISTAKES.
  • Use as a chest tube adapter.
  • Use for chest tap, belly tap, or anytime you want to remove air or fluid.
  • Includes a barbed adapter for 18-34Fr flared tubes.
  • Centesis adapters can also be purchased without the collection bag; (175440NB, 175450NB, and 175460NB)

MILA Centesis Adapter-Automatic 3-Way in Thoracentesis Video