SteriHero Vet B tai S

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Siemensin kuukausivuokra alkaen 96,80€ SteriHero Vet B-autoklaaville. Pyydä Siemens tarjous

Panosta laadukkaaseen hygieniaan. Vetman on sinulle hyvä kumppani autoklaaveihin: hoidamme autoklaavin, sen tarvittavat lisävarusteet sekä huollon.

SteriHero Vetistä löytyy sekä B- että S- luokan autoklaavi ja ne ovat vain eläinlääkäreiden käyttöön. Laitteessa on sisäinen vesisäiliö (stand alone unit).

B-luokan autoklaaveissa voidaan streiloida monimutkaisia ja -onteloisia sekä pakattuja ja monikerrospakattuja instrumentteja. B-luokan klaavit toimivat pulsoivalla tyhjennyksellä.

S-luokan autoklaaveissa voidaan steriloida yksinkertaisia ja pakattuja intrumentteja.

    SteriHero: Your new superpower in veterinary medicine
    No matter what big tasks the day holds in store for you, SteriHero Vet has your back.

    That‘s because the brand new stand-alone autoclave was designed specifically for veterinary medicine: From the features to the price! Trendsetting technologies, an intuitive Smart-Touch display and the unique MELAG quality - made in Germany give you the superpower to change everything!

    Benefit from the unique MELAG quality that you know and appreciate. Because an autoclave must never fail. We therefore make no compromises when it comes to quality and develop, produce and optimise under the highest quality requirements at our company headquarters in Berlin.

    See for yourself and discover the advantages of your new Superpower - SteriHero Vet:

    • Safety for your furry patients: Class B autoclaves with the fractional vacuum process provide the safest sterilization of all wrapped and unwrapped instruments - regardless of their type and complexity.
    • More than enough power for whatever you plan to do: High loading capacities, fast cycle times starting at 16 min, and an effective vacuum drying guarantee that your instruments will be ready for use again very quickly.
    • The intuitive user interface with a large Smart-Touch display makes everything easier: From program selection to documentation via USB or network*. With the help of process monitoring, you can provide complete proof of a successful sterilization.
    • An autoclave should never fail: We make no compromises when it comes to reliability and develop under the highest quality requirements at our headquarters in Berlin.

    Protects the environment. And your furry patients.
    SteriHero Vet guarantees safe sterilization according to your needs with a wide range of programs. But that‘s not all: The pioneering stand-alone device concept and the Power Save* energy-saving function make SteriHero Vet the cleanest solution - for your budget and the environment.

    * Connectivity and Power Save energy-saving mode available from 01.07.2023 (update can be performed independently by practice team)

    Thanks to a wide range of accessories, we can easily put together the configuration that best suits you and, together, turn your ideas of a time-, space- and cost-saving hygiene workflow into reality.

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