HEINE G100 / BETA 200 LED Otoskooppi ja Oftalmoskooppi Eläinlääkärisetti

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Vetman myy Heinen tuotteita vain eläinklinikoille ja -lääkäreille.

 Setti sisältää:

  • G100 LED Otoskooppi
  • BETA200 LED Oftalmoskooppi
  • BETA4 NT uudelleen ladattava käsiosa NT4 pöytälatauslaitteen kanssa
  • 1 setti pitkiä, umpinaisia suppiloita: koot: 57mm x 4mm, 65mm x 6mm, 90mm x 7mm
  • Kova kuljetuskotelo

HEINE G100/BETA 200 LED Veterinary set NT4 delivered complete with the G100 LED Slit illumination head, BETA 200 LED Ophthalmoscope, one BETA 4 NT handle with charge status display and li-ion battery, NT 4 table charger and one set of long closed specula (57mm x 4mm dia., 65mm x 6mm dia., 90mm x 7mm dia.) in a hard case. These are maintenance free, durable instruments designed for everyday use in hospitals and clinics.

The HEINE G100 LED Slit illumination head with LEDHQ-technology allows optimal instrumentation with magnification and illumination and clears the way for access during examinations. The brightness can be continuously adjusted between 100 % and 3 % (patent pending) with amazing color rendering (3,500 K, CRI>97) also of deep saturated red colors (R9>93) for the most accurate diagnosis.

The HEINE BETA 200 LED Ophthalmoscope head with LED HQ technology is a maintenance free, dust proof ophthalmoscope with stepless brightness control (3-100%). The precision optics is mounted on a durable aluminum frame making it designed for daily use in hospitals and clinics.

Apertures: Slit, fixation star with polar coordinates, blue filter, large spot, small spot and hemi-circle. All apertures can be combined with red-free filter.

Diopters: 27 lenses from -35D to +40D. The LEDHQ-technology incorporates a heat management system ensuring that the brightness, homogeneity and color rendering (CRI ≥ 97) is guaranteed the virtually unlimited life time (100 000 hours in use). LEDHQ – LED in HEINE Quality.

The HEINE BETA 4 NT Rechargeable 3,5V handle with charge status indicator and ready-to-use function is delivered complete with rechargeable li-ion battery. This very durable metal handle is quick charged with the HEINE NT4 table charger, provides up to 9 hours of use, and is fully compatible with all HEINE BETA and K instrument heads, both LED HQ and 3,5V XHL versions.

Ready-to-use Function: Handles switch ON & OFF automatically when placed into charger. Set your desired brightness level once and it stays there every time you use your instrument. Also prevents battery damage and premature bulb burn outs if the instruments are accidentally left on.

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