Molar Forceps No. 1 - large

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Horse Dental Equipment


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Extraction forceps are used to further loosen teeth by­ rotational­ and­ tilting­ movements­ and­ finally­ to­ extract the teeth in combination with a fulcrum.

The Extraction Forceps No. 1 is particularly helpful for extractions of mandibular cheek teeth but can be used for the upper jaw as well.

The Extraction Forceps No. 2 is­ specifically­ designed for the wider maxillary cheek teeth. The Extraction Forceps can be disassembled and ­reassembled­ again­ in­ many­ different­ ways­ like the spreaders.

For horses with small heads we developed the ”Pony Model”. The actual version is dedicated to Professor Padraic Dixon from the University of Edinburgh who, at the end of the ­20th ­century, ­made ­great ­efforts ­to reintroduce the oral extraction techniques.

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