iM3 14 Piece Dental Instrument Set with SH winged elevators

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iM3 14 Piece Dental Instrument Set with stubby handle winged elevators was designed to take the guess work out of choosing the correct dental instrument. The complete set includes the instruments to examine, clean and extract teeth in both dogs and cats. Made from high quality French and Japanese S/S the set is supplied in a zipper case.

Set Includes:

  • D1001SH – D1005SH (1 - 6 mm Stubby handle winged elevators)
  • D1005S Straight root tip pick
  • D1013 Tartar removing forceps
  • D1012 Extraction forceps
  • D1014 Minnesota retractor
  • D1007 Subgingival curette
  • D1008 Jaquette scaler
  • D1009 Sickle scaler
  • D1010 Explorer probe
  • D1011 Double ended periosteal elevator 2/4

Product Manual

14 Piece Instrument Set - Stubby Handles - Manual

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