B.Braun Esophagostomy setti, 1 asetin ja 10 letkua

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B. Braun


Applicator for the simple and fast placement of an esophageal feeding tube made from polyurethane

  • The thermoplastic polyurethane causes very little tissue trauma and is therefore also suitable for long term application
  • An embedded x-ray contrast stripe makes it possible to check the tube position
  • For the special requirements of tube feeding, the tube is equipped with a funnel attachment and a two-part sealing cap. Blended food is applied via the funnel attachment. Subsequent rinsing of the tube, or the administration of thin liquid nutrition, water or medication, takes place via the Luer attachment in the sealing cap.
  • The tube is suitable for the administration of industrially produced convalescence pet food
  • 50 cm long
  • External diameter 4.8 mm/CH. 15
  • Individually sterile packed


  • Fractures or injuries in the head area
  • Perioperative nutrition of trauma patients
  • Anorexia
  • Feline hepatic lipidosis
  • Feline upper respiratory infection complex

Nutrition of critically ill cats is ensured with an esophageal feeding tube.
Using the von Werthern applicator, feeding tubes can be directly placed in the aboral direction according to the shoehorn principle, without the effort of using a guidewire.


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