Bitemaster Animal Handling Gauntlets (eri kokoja)

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MDC Exports Limited


A pair of gauntlets offering high penetration resistance without compromise on comfort or dexterity. An essential item for all small animal, exotic and wildlife workers.

Elk hide lined with Kevlar felt by DuPont
Cut resistant and fireproof
High protection against penetration

The glove hand is made from supple elk hide whilst the 35cm arm’s length cuff is durable cowhide fully lined with Kevlar felt. Suitable for handling cats, exotics, wildlife, and other scratching animals, these gloves are designed to be as protective as possible but (as with all gloves), will have certain limitations. MDC gloves must be used intelligently, cautiously and with the assumption that injuries caused by animals may occur whilst using them. Be sure you understand the limitations of your gloves before purchasing them. Our commitment is to provide our customers with the best equipment to assist you to carry out your work safely however but we cannot guarantee 100% protection in the wide variety of situations you may encounter.

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