• Cosypad alustat | eri kokoja
  • Cosypad alustat | eri kokoja
  • Cosypad alustat | eri kokoja
  • Cosypad alustat | eri kokoja

Cosypad alustat | eri kokoja

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A new generation mesh pad made from anti-bedsore material used in hospitals, Cosypad® offers comfort, hygiene and ease of cleaning. It is preferable to grates, underpads, and others bedding. Its aerated structure keeps animals clean and dry.
Cosypad® provides comfort to animals and saves professionals time.

• Reduces the pressure exerted on muscles and joints for optimal comfort and the prevention of bedsores.
• Hygienic: liquids drain under the pad, leaving the animal dry.
• Does not retain fur.
• Good aeration, allowing better healing of wounds and better thermoregulation.
• Hypoallergenic material, odourless, antibacterial.
• Very strong, mould-resistant and insulating.
• Reinforced seams and tough nylon on the edges for better durability.
• Rounded edges to avoid chewing.
• Anti-slip surface.
• Washable:
- in a washing machine at 40 °C with a bleach pellet,
- with a hose after soaking in a disinfecting solution,
- Use of dryer and spin cycle not recommended.
• Suspension eylet for hanger (code 307117) for easy storage.
• Uses:
- in hospital cages,
- on examination tables,
- in veterinary surgery,
- during the post-operative recovery stage,
- in dental scaling (fast drainage of liquids),
- as anti-fatigue mat (for the surgeon).

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