• D-GRIP hengitysjärjestelmän tuki
  • D-GRIP hengitysjärjestelmän tuki
  • D-GRIP hengitysjärjestelmän tuki
  • D-GRIP hengitysjärjestelmän tuki

D-GRIP hengitysjärjestelmän tuki

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Jorgensen Laboratories


D-Grip on uusi hengitysletkujen ja monitorin johtojen tukiteline. Teline vähentää potilaan hengitysteiden traumaa tukemalla hengitysjärjestelmää. Telineessä on liikuteltavat/taipuvat jalat joilla saat telineen korkeutta ja asentoa muutettua haluamaksesi.

  • Supporting heavy anesthesia circuits and inline monitors is essential to avoid upper airway trauma and malpositioning of airway devices leading to potential volatile agent leakage.
  • The new d-grip® is the perfect airway management support system to prevent load on the airway device from the anesthesia circuit, monitoring cables, heavy sensors. It is the perfect complement to v-gel® and other airway devices.
  • The transparent panel has various size cut-outs allowing security of a large variety of anesthetic circuit diameters and even special support channels for small leads such as pulse oximeter cables.
  • The panel can be removed for cleaning or just wiped over with disinfectant.
  • The ball and socket joint allows exact positioning of the transparent panel with a simple locking system so provides unlimited positioning options in order to support the circuit at the optimal angle for optimal patient comfort and safety.
  • The legs are fully flexible to achieve a large scope of height and angle adjustments assisting in finding the perfect positioning required. The legs can even be wound around table edges, drip stands or anesthetic trolleys for even more fixing options.
  • d-grip® gives that extra pair of hands replacing the pile of sandbags and foam wedges and allows veterinary surgeons and nurses to concentrate on treating the patient.
Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 8.75 × 3 in

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