Demotec 95, jauhepussit 14 kpl x 70 g

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Demotec 95, neste 500 ml
Demotec 95, neste 500 ml

2 pulloa Demotec 95, neste 500ml sopii yhteen pakettiin Demotec 14 kpl x 70g jauhepussien kanssa

What is the difference between Demotec 90 and 95?

Demotec 95 in direct comparison with Demotec 90 is simply the better product and it has enormous differences.

Demotec 90 is an old fashioned product and comparative to old fashioned products of other competitors with it's disadvantages.

The difference of Demotec 90 and 95 is in the handling. There is a little experience needed to find out the right timing for the treatment with Demotec 90. Demotec 95 instead you only have to mix and than no further waiting is necessary so the treatment can start without any delay.

A further big advantage is that the mixed resin of Demotec 95 doesn't stick to your fingers as Demotec 90 or other old fashioned resins do. So you can put the complete resin into your hands and model it as you like - in a very comfortable way. Watch our videos (Video comparison / non-adhesive).

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