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Drum Long Line Catheter

Tuotekoodi: LLD1925

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  • Kit includes catheter-over-needle introducer, a long catheter with stiffening wire and a drum.
  • The drum houses the long catheter and is an advancement system designed to minimize touch contamination.
  • Introduction technique:  Long catheter through introducer catheter.
  • The INTRODUCER CATHETER REMAINS INDWELLING and the long catheter hub locks onto the introducer catheter hub. Since the introducer catheter remains indwelling, the long catheter can be easily replaced through the same introducer, avoiding another needle stick.
  • Long catheter material is radiopaque kink-resistant polyurethane, embedded with a fluoro-polymer formula designed to aid in ease of placement.
  • Pick & Peel Drape (#PPD - $5.00) recommended for sterile field.


  1. Administer vasopressor (i.e. norepinephrine ) when a central line is not accessible. Feed the long catheter through the peripheral catheter. The peripheral catheter is included in the kit to ensure that its inner diameter is sufficient for a smooth introduction of the long catheter.
  2. Drug administration to crashing diabetic patient.
  3. Multiple blood draws.


 Drum Long Line Catheter Instructional Video