Easy Bloc 2+2 kenkää

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Settiin kuuluu:

  • 4 Easy Bloc kenkää (2 oikeaa, 2 vasenta)
  • Demotec Easy Bloc, jauhe 160g x 1
  • Demotec Easy Bloc, neste 80ml x 1
  • Sekoituskärkiä

Improved Version EASY BLOC - stronger sole and improved grip

EASY BLOC, an innovative system for this specialised aspect of hoof care - perfected by Demotec.

Hoof problems in cattle can adversely affect both milk yields and weight gain resulting in economic disadvantage.

Demotec EASY BLOC is a new system perfected by Demotec to minimise lameness and effect a fast, easy to use and safe "cure" at a very reasonable cost.

The design of EASY BLOC determined with the help of Dr. Adrian Gonzalez (in conjunction with other specialists in hoof care) was based on the anatomy of the hoof, and its versatility allows claws of any size to be accommodated.

Clean the healthy claw removing dirt and loose horn, pour the liquid into the EASY BLOC, sprinkle powder onto the liquid and place onto the claw.

Within a few minutes the operation is complete - With little trouble, at a low cost!

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