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Eye Lavage Kit / SPL

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  • For upper or lower lid.
  • Single stick insertion method.
  • Soft non-irritating disk and tubing.
  • Allows application of eye medication away from the site.
  • Easily used in clinical and farm setting.
  • Kit includes 12Ga straight or 10° angled trocar, catheter, eyelid lifter, extension tube, luer lock adapter, tongue depressor, catheter for medication infusion and needle free port.
  • Repair kit (#6615) includes tubing 20in. long, cannula for connecting tubes, 18Ga and 20Ga catheter, tongue depressor and needle free port.
  • Use the elastomeric administration pump (#7100) for continuous infusion - see "Pumps"

How to Insert and Manage a Subpalpebral Lavage System (AAEP Proceedings 2013) by Ann E. Dwyer DVM; Honorary Member; American College of Veterinary Ophthalmology; Partner; Genesee Valley Equine Clinic; PLLC

Eye Lavage Placement by Anne Gemensky Metzler DVM; MS; DACVO

MILA Eye Lavage Insertion video   Courtesy of Dr. Christensen, East Valley Equine

Eye Lavage Part 2 Video (Alternate Method to Secure Catheter and Deliver Medication.

Technique and photos courtesy of Erica Tolar; DVM and Bridget Mason; DVM from Equine Services Hospital; Simpsonville; KY