ICON, anestesiakoneen happipitoisuusmittari

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ICON helpottaa elämää varmistamalla happirikastimesta saatavan hapen pitoisuuden. Yksinkertainen kytkentä sisäänhengityksen ulostuloon.

In Circuit Oxygen aNalyser
• Simple to use
• Use with Oxygen concentrators
• Measure Fresh Gas Outlet or circle concentrations
• Very long battery life
• Very long sensor life
• Simple to re-calibrate

Icon is a new in-circuit oxygen monitor designed for use in veterinary
operating theatres and intensive care wards.
The Icon unit can be placed on the Fresh Gas Outlet of an anaesthetic
machine or within the rebreathing limbs of a circle system, wherever the
oxygen concentration needs to be known.
The Icon unit uses a single AA battery that has a lifetime of approximately 1
year when used for 8 hours a day every day. The sensing element is a longlife
galvanic sensor that has a working life of approximately 2 years.

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