Antimicrobial Long Term Large Animal Catheter Kits - Single Lumen

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Mila International


Indicated to provide central venous access for delivery of fluids and medications and blood sampling.  Other uses include measuring central venous pressure and administration of hypertonic solutions (such as TPN).  Contraindicated in coagulopathic patients.  Always use a dedicated lumen for blood sampling if possible.

  • Antimicrobial coating on catheter is Silver Sulfadiazine. This coating is on the internal and external surfaces, as well as the hub of the catheter.
  • Silver Sulfadiazine enables bactericidal activity against many gram-positive and gram-negative organisms. It is also effective against yeast and has been used effectively as a topical anti-infective for the prevention and treatment of wound sepsis on patients with second and third degree burns.
  • Its antimicrobial action suppresses the incidence of microbial colonization on the indwelling catheter and at the insertion site.
  • Silver Sulfadiazine has been shown to reduce the incidence of catheter related complication when compared to catheters without an antibacterial coat

MILA Long Term Catheter Placement Using Guidewire Video

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