Long Term MILACATH BOVINE Kits using Guidewire introduction - Single Lumen

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Mila International


The Long Term MILACATH™ is indicated for venous administration of drugs or fluids, blood sampling, TPN and blood pressure monitoring. Optional silver zirconium phosphate throughout the catheter body, including the innner and outer surface of the catheter, is designed to inhibit bacterial resistance. 

  • Non-reactive Polyurethane.
  • Also available with peel away introducer - see Peel Away Introducers and Catheters.
  • Single, double, or triple lumen catheters for long term use. Can be left indwelling 1-30 days.
  • Use for pressure monitoring, blood sampling, TPN and administration of drugs or fluids.
  • MicroClave helps prevent loss of catheter due to accidental disconnect.
  • Antimicrobial catheters are coated on both internal and external surfaces with silver zirconium phosphate for the immune suppressed patient. Silver Zirconium Phosphate is designed to inhibit bacteria growth without bacterial resistance.
  • ALL KITS CONTAIN: Catheter, scalpel, introducer depending on insertion technique, dilator, guidewire, needle free injection ports, caps, suture wings, and gauze. Those that have extensions include clamps.
  • SMALL ANIMAL KITS (SA) include a fenestrated drape and 3-0 nylon suture with a straight needle and curved needle.
  • LARGE ANIMAL KITS (LA) include a larger introducer and 2-0 nylon pink sutures with a straight and a curved needle.

Single Lumen Catheters - Available with pre-attached  or non-attached extension tube. The 14Ga catheter has a side and distal exit port.

Multi Lumen Catheters - Separate lumens with separate exit points.

MILA Long Term Catheter Placement Using Guidewire Video


Click here for insertion instructions read only.

Click here for priming volume table of multi-lumen catheters

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