MTE KIT (Minimal Invasive Transbuccal Extraction Kit)

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Horse Dental Equipment


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The MTE-technique is indicated in following cases:

  • Force applicable to the crown is insufficient
  • Crown is broken off or to fragile
  • Malformation of the crown
  • Removal of root fragments

To use the MTE Kit, it is necessary to attend a workshop where this technique is taught in-depth.

This system contains:

  1. Autoclavable Container
  2. Hammer
  3. Dental chisel - plain
  4. Dental chisel - offset
  5. Short handle
  6. Luxator
  7. Sharp spoon
  8. Loop
  9. Drilling sleeve
  10. Short blunt trocar
  11. Short sharp trocar
  12. Short trocar sleeve
  13. Long blunt trocar
  14. Long sharp trocar
  15. Long trocar sleeve
  16. Root fragment forceps (to handle with great care, very fragile!)
  17. Extraction screw
  18. Threading tap
  19. Drill (not autoclavable!)

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