Naudan laparoskopiasetti, sis Spieker Christiansen

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Dr. Fritz


This set allows the veterinary surgeon to use a quick, and extremely safe technique with no medication requirements as well as quick recovery of the patient. The basic element in the set is a specially developed robust scope with a lenght designed specifically for this transport case to guarantee a long life.

In research programs it emerged that the traditional toggle system often offered inadequate strength and resulted in either rupture of the suture material or breakage of the plastic toggle material. This has lead to the development of a new safety toggle with a 90 cm long break safe double suture.

2-step+1step technique (Janowitz + Christiansen technique)

Set for endoscopic LDA/RDA repositioning basic set complete including transportation case and Spieker acc. to Christiansen

  • special cattle telescope, 8mm, 0°
  • trocars and trocar cannulas, 8 & 5mm
  • palpation probe and puncture needle
  • abomasal puncture trocar set
  • suture grasping forceps, long
  • suture grasping hook acc. to Meyer
  • safety toggle pins
  • sterilizing and storage tray
  • inflation pump
  • cleaning brushes
  • LED light handle, accu
  • trocar 13 mm
  • Christiansen's spieker
  • DIN ocular lense for i-phones

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