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Percutaneous Balloon Catheter Kit for Cystostomy and Gastrotomy

Tuotekoodi: PBC20

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  • Introduction uses Seldinger wire, followed by peel-away sheath.
  • Open ended silicone catheter with 20cc balloon, depth markings and radiopaque stripe.
  • 20Fr x 25cm (10in) catheter with Y-port and fixation ring.
  • Short catheter tip design reduces gastric mucosa irritation.
  • Large funnel Y-port with locking caps.
  • Adjustable fixation ring prevents catheter migration.
  • Kit includes catheter, catheter-over-needle introducers, guidewire, peel-away sheath with dilator, 12Fr dilator, scalpel, drape, gauze, suture, syringe and clamp.
  • Ideal for goats.