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Pro Ergo laparoskopiapöytä, sisältää jalkapolkimen

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It has been known for some time that laparoscopic surgery is a concept within veterinary medicine. This progress also brings with it the desire for a good, comfortable and affordable operating table. In collaboration with Dr. Joris de Swert of Veterinary Clinic de Ark in Westmeerbeek and Drs. Bart van Goethem, head of surgery for small pets, faculty of veterinary medicine in merelbeke, we have developed a table that meets these needs. The Specialized V-Top PRO ErGO is electrically adjustable in height, eletrically tiltable trendelburg and antitrendelburg and electrically laterally tiltable, by means of a foot pedal.  The wroktop is completely made of stainless steel and consists of 3 parts, of which parts can be put in a V position, this principle worksheet had been around for some time, but as a new element, Veteq has added the ErgO shape to it, whereby the middle part has been made narrower so that the doctor can stand closer to his patient and simplify some work with laparoscopic instruments. For larger breeds there is a table top extension and inserts for the ErgO shape. 

Spezialized V-top PRO ErGO
 Dimensions high-low: 65-11cm, on wheels 75-125cm
Type of worktop: stainless steel V-top ErgO operating worktop 135x52cm, electrically tiltable trendelburg and anti-trendelburg, electrically laterally tiltable
Frame: Specialized white powder coated
Lifting system: 2 electric motors, 1 additional electric motor for the lateral tilt
Optional: on Lithium battery system
Capacity: 100kg
Standard: monorail, adjustable feet
Option; completely made of stainless steel