• Quick Test A+B in cats | 1 tai 20 kpl
  • Quick Test A+B in cats | 1 tai 20 kpl
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Quick Test A+B in cats | 1 tai 20 kpl

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Importance of blood typing

The determination of blood type is an essential process that ensures animals will benefit from transfusion support. Nowadays, a dog or a cat has a significant probability of being transfused once or more in their lifetime. Basic blood typing is essential to perform these first and subsequent transfusions as safely as possible and also to make the best use of the donated blood.


  • 2 minutes procedure.
  • All material included.
  • Archivable.
  • Easy handling.
  • Reliable results.
  • Easy interpretation.
  • High specificity.
  • Snap result.

Our technology

The system is based on the migration of red blood cells on a membrane. Monoclonal antibodies specific to each antigen (DEA 1 in dogs, A/B in cats, A/O in pigs and Ca in horses) have been incorporated on the membrane. Theses antibodies will retain positive antigens (DEA 1 in dogs, A/B in cats, A in pigs and Ca in horses). A positive result is characterized by the presence of 1 or 2 red lines in front of the A and/or B for the feline QuickTest or a red line in front of DEA 1 for the canine QuickTest. A positive result is characterized by the presence of a red line in front of the Ca line for the equine QuickTest. The control line (C) must be positive; this signifies that the test has run successfully.

In cats, the presence of naturally occurring alloantibodies in type A and in type B cats requires that blood typing must be performed prior to blood transfusion to avoid an acute haemolytic transfusion reaction, and in breedings to prevent neonatal isoerythrolysis. Blood can be taken directly from the umbilical cord for the blood typing test.

Material provided : 

  • 1 BT Quick Test
  • 1 buffer solution
  • 1 empty well
  • 1 blood collector strip 

– Same technology
– Total flexibility
– Cost effectiveness

The LabTest version can be described as a « bulk packaging ».
The client will get multiple tests in the same box but can use it per unit.
The price is decreased but the flexibility remains the same as the individual Quick Test version.

Material provided :

  • 1 Buffer
  • 20 Membrane
  • 20 Result Form

Reliable in case of low pcv (anemia)

Thanks to the sensitivity of our specific monoclonal antibodies, even with a very low PCV (hematocrit) will allow you to obtain a reliable Feline blood typing result.

Thanks to our specific membrane technology, the agglutinated red blood cells (RBCs) will be retained at the bottom of the membrane whereas non agglutinated RBCs will continue to migrate to the top of the membrane.

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