Anal Sac Lifting Catheter

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Mila International


  • Use for anal sacculectomy.
  • Silicone catheter and balloon construction.
  • Stiff low profile tip allows catheter to navigate into the anal sac orifice.

Instructions for Use:

The balloon catheter is placed into the anal sac through the anal sac orifice and inflated with 2-3 cc of saline to distend the anal sac making identification and palpation of the gland simple. The protruding catheter allows the surgeon to place gentle traction on the gland during dissection. A 360°  degree skin incision is made around the protruding catheter. Metzenbaum scissors are used to dissect to the level of the anal sac wall. Identification of the wall is made by the grayish to blackish color of the wall in comparison to the red color of external anal sphincter muscle fibers being dissected off of the wall. As the dissection progresses constant traction is placed on the catheter to accentuate and retract the sac. Dissection is continued until the sac is completely free from its surrounding tissue. Any injured fibers of the external anal sphincter muscle are sutured with 3-0 Maxon and the skin closed using a subcuticular suture.

Anal Sacculectomy procedure video 

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