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Pro-Class Vacuklav 24BL+ (vesiliitäntä) sis. tarvikepaketin MELAdem 40

Tuotekoodi: 10052RAK

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MELAG Vacuklav 24 BL+ (inc. mount for trays)
High-capacity B-Class autoclave with extra-deep sterilization chamber.

Olemme sinulle oikea kumppani autoklaaveihin. Vetman hoitaa autoklaavin alusta loppuun: autoklaavin, sen tarvittavat lisävarusteet ja huollon.

Valmis paketti autoklavointiin! Laitetoimituksen sisältö:

  • 1 kpl x Euroklav 24 BL+ (koodi 10052)
  • 1 kpl x standardi tarjotinteline C plus (koodi 40246)
  • 3 kpl x tarjottimia (55cm x19xm) (koodi 00246)
  • 1 kpl x MELAdem 40 vedenkäsittely-yksikkö (koodi 01046)
  • 1 kpl x yhdistin (koodi 37241) MELAdem 40:neen
  • HUOM! Hintaan ei sisälly asennusta. Pyydä tarjousta Vetmanin asiantuntijoilta

B-luokan autoklaaveissa voidaan streiloida monimutkaisia ja -onteloisia instrumentteja sekä pakattuja ja monikerrospakattuja instrumentteja. B-luokan klaavit toimivat pulsoivalla tyhjennyksellä.

Like all Pro-Class autoclaves, Vacuklav 24 BL+ convinces with its reliability, short program cycles, intuitive operation and simple documentation procedures. Vacuklav 24 BL+ is a true miracle when it comes to space! The 60 cm deep chamber enables the fast sterilization of extra-long instruments such as endoscopes. Unwrapped instruments required quickly are available after only 30 minutes, including fractionated pre-vacuum and perfect drying. Wrapped instruments require up to 50 minutes per sterilization cycle.

The following advantages will make your Vacuklav 24 BL+ experience unique:

  • Sturdy all-round autoclave with effective water cooling of the vacuum pump
  • Fast sterilization cycles: unwrapped instruments require 30 minutes, wrapped instruments around 50 minutes (inc. fractionated pre-vacuum and drying)
  • Extra deep chamber for instruments up to 55 cm
  • Intuitive operation using the MELAG 4-key concept
  • Serial interface supports digital documentation with MELAflash and MELAnet Box

The log files of the MELAG steam sterilizer are stored either using the MELAflash CF card printer, the log printer MELAprint 44 or MELAnet-Box. MELAnet-Box connects the autoclave with the practice network to save the log files automatically. In addition to the documentation, the software MELAtrace makes the batch approval even easier and faster.

The innovative vacuum pump of the B-Class steam sterilizer guarantees especially fast and efficient sterilization. The water supply to the Vacuklav 24 B+ requires a water tap connection. A water treatment unit enables cost-effective generation of demineralized water in a practice and clinic setting. Choose from a range of MELAG solutions and select the water treatment unit which best meets the needs of your practice: the compact MELAdem 40, our environmentally friendly MELAdem 47 or the high performance MELAdem 53 system (in combination with a washer-disinfector). 


Product details // Technical Data:

  • Dimensions (w x h x d): 42,5 x 49 x 84 cm
  • Min. Surface Space: feet of the unit fit on 60 cm tabletop
  • Chamber Size: ø 25 cm x length 60 cm
  • Chamber Volume: 28,6 liter
  • Load Quantity: max. 7 kg instruments / 2,5 kg textiles
  • Weight: 53 kg
  • Power Supply: 220-240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Power Input: 2.100 W