Vcheck Feline NT-proBNP, 5 testiä

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The Vcheck Feline NT-proBNP is an in vitro diagnostic test kit for the quantitative measurement of NT-proBNP concentration in feline serum. N-terminal pro-B type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) is cleaved from BNP which is produced by the muscle cells of the heart and increases with excessive stretching of the cells. NT-proBNP concentration reflects the degree of cardiac activation secondary to stimulus, such as stretching, allowing this marker to be used to assess the magnitude of cardiac muscle stretching. NT-proBNP is a valuable biomarker for differentiating cardiac and respiratory causes of dyspnea and can be used for screening occult heart disease in asymptomatic cats. The BIONOTE Vcheck Feline NT-proBNP is designed to be used only by veterinarians.

  • 5 test in the package
  • For cats
  • Sample material: Serum 100uL
  • Measuring range: 50 ~ 1,500pmol/L
  • Analysis time: 10 min

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