VINNO D6Vet Ultraäänitutkimuslaite

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VINNO D6-VET is a highly integrated smart solution with a cutting-edge structure designed to provide the portability required by veterinary professionals in various scenes. lt is built on the revolutionary RF platform, to deliver abundant information and highly accurate images. lt provides users with convenient and quick access to outstanding images, as well as professional scanning and analysis.

Thanks to the processing algorithms developed on a large amount of RF data, it provides images with ultra-high contrast and resolution. The platform also supports the next-generation digital broadband up to 25MHz and high-resolution beamformers, providing excellent processing performance with a high channel density.

Revolutionary Platform

The VINNO D6 VET Series is built on an innovative and simplified data platform that
combines the traditiona! beamforming integration with front-end data processing. This
innovative workflow enables convenient and institutive operations, making it an ideal
choice for various scenarios.

Superior Image Performance

Speckle noise reduction (VSpeckle)
Based on the RF metadata platform, it integrates the detection data obtained by the
system to produce superior images with higher contrast and clear boundaries.

Fusion imaging (VFusion)
Sound beams are emitted from different directions, and reflected sound beams are
matched through powerful processing capabilities to produce images with high
signal-to-noise ratio on the display.

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