Motorides Rodent Dental Kit

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The most common dental disease in rodents is excessive tooth growth, which can affect both incisors and molars. Our motorised rodent dental kit has been designed by Richard Saunders (Veterinary Adviser to the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund) and provides all the necessary instruments to help you treat commonly encountered problems.

  • Rodent Cheek Dilator for medium to large rabbits, L 8.5 cm
  • Rodent Cheek Dilator for dwarf rabbits, L 5.8 cm 
  • Rodent Cheek Dilator, long reach, L 5.8 cm
  • Mouth Gag for Rodent, robust, L 11 cm
  • Molar Extraction Forceps for rabbits, L 16 cm 
  • Incisor Luxator Crossley for rabbits, L 19 cm
  • Molar Luxator Crossley for rabbits, L 17 cm
  • Peridontal Probe, graduated tip, L 15.5 cm
  • Dental Rasp LEWIS – Premium, L 18 cm
  • Tongue Spatula, straight, fl at, L 17.5 cm
  • HOLLMANN Tongue Spatula, small, concave, L 17 cm
  • HOLLMANN Tongue Spatula, large, concave, L 19 cm
  • SUPERFLEX Diamond Disc Cutter (HP), L 4.5 cm
  • Diamond Disc Safety Shield
  • Dental Cutters Rodent (HP), size 45, L 5 cm
  • Dental Cutters Rodent (HP), size 60, L 5 cm
  • Dental Burr Set Rodent (HP), L 6.5 cm
  • Dental Burr Guard Rodent (HP)
  • Premium Instrument Box

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