Skintact Low Adherent Dressing | eri kokoja | 100kpl

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Cestra Skintact, ihoon tarttumaton imukykyinen side, steriili, yksittäispakattu.

Cestra Skintact is a high quality, sterile, perforated film absorbent dressing that is used as a low adherent wound contact layer. The dressing is the same on both sides, which prevents it being used “wrong side down”. It consists of two layers of perforated film with an inner absorbent layer. The perforations allow drainage of exudate to the absorbent layer where fluid is wicked laterally, extending the time before strike through occurs.

Skintact is suitable for the management of minor wounds, cuts and grazes and is ideal for use in chiropody thanks to the two low adherent sides, for use between toes. Dressings are supplied in individual sterile packs, in dispensing boxes of 100.

  • Low adherent wound dressing, easily removed without trauma
  • The same on both sides – hence suitable for patient own use as it cannot be applied “wrong side down”
  • Superior wicking spreads fluid laterally and reduces dressing change frequency
  • Pads, cushions and protects healing wounds
  • Supplied in individual sterile packs and dispensing boxes

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